is a strategy, UX, and data consultancy with a focus on climate change by Trevor Hinkle, along with a network of specialists in sustainability, data science, development, and design. Want to work with us? Reach out at hello@lighthouse-studio.xyz.

Our perspective

Lighthouse works within a consistent fundamental worldview - that climate adaptation and mitigation, like climate change itself, is inevitable, and that every organisation has two choices: adapt and help shape this coming future, or get left behind.

Lighthouse helps organisations with the former so they don’t risk the latter.

Our work

Below are examples of work done via Lighthouse, as well as previous work by Trevor:

  • Product design and program managment for the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance
  • UX design, growth strategy and experimentation for a sustainable apparel retailer and impact-focused shoe retailer (with awa digital)
  • Narrative and value proposition development, as well as product design and advisory, for a sustainable cloud startup
  • Coauthoring a whitepaper with Tomorrow and WattTime on best practices in electricity carbon accounting
  • Ran and scaled electricityMap.org and api.electricityMap.org (with Tomorrow)
  • Building internal knowledge management tooling for multinational consulting firm (with Alloy)
  • Design thinking and workshop facilitation for a national telecommunications firm (with PwC US)